Sunday, September 25, 2011

Illogical Design

I'm currently exploring an interesting way to approach design and problem solving. In problem definition stages, I believe it can be beneficial to imagine doing illogical things with intention. For example, I could imagine spilling water on my keyboard on purpose. This thought serves to free my mind of the natural constraints of logic (for a moment) and potentially grant myself access to a circumstance I wouldn't otherwise consider. Now that I've thought of the absurd action of watering my keyboard, I could maybe consider ways to prevent water from reaching critical PC components after accidental spills, or some digital interface or robotic plant that can be nourished by watering. This could serve as some educational instrument for children or as some rudimentary start to a robotic Oxygen/CO2 exchange device, say. And so the unique human capacity to think of silly things on purpose has some use outside of "Family Guy" after all.

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